Maeng Da Kratom – The Strongest Variety

Maeng Da Kratom – The Strongest Variety

What is Maeng Da kratom?

Maeng Da is considered to be the most potent variety of kratom on the market today which features a strong combination of mood and energy boosting effects. It is an exceptional energy promoter which can help you get more energized and focused through out the day. Numerous seasoned kratom consumers believe that this is the best kratom variety out there, having more alkaloid level when compared to the regular kratom leaf. Some new kratom users find Maeng Da to be overly stimulative and they actually prefer to combine it with other varieties to smooth the effects down. Maeng Da originates from Thailand where this leaf was named after the giant water insect named Lethocerus Indicus which happens to be a delicacy in the regional gastronomy. The term “Maeng Da” is slang for “pimp” in the Thai jargon, which explains why you will occasionally see Maeng Da kratom advertised as Pimp Grade.

maeng da leaf

Maeng Da is said to be a genetically modified leaf of the Thai kratom plant, which is famous for possessing a superior alkaloid level than the conventional leaf. This kratom variety is known for having more strength during its growing process and also to be considerably less vulnerable due to changes in its environmental surroundings and seasonal changes. Maeng Da kratom leaves have a richer color which results in a much greener shade in the resultant kratom powder. Despite the fact that there is not many official researches on the matter, it has been proved that Maeng Da kratom holds more Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitraphylline alkaloids in comparison with other kratom varieties. Maeng Da kratom is probably the most notorious variety of the kratom plant, although not many people are aware of its background, strength and effects. It is an amazing kratom type for those who are in search of both energy and pain alleviation, which only a small number of other kratom types can perform as effectively.

Maeng Da background

Maeng Da kratom has very interesting background in contrast to other kratom types, and unfortunately, finding more details about it can be really tough because of the bad propaganda and lack of data on the web. Curiously, Maeng Da has actually had this name for only the last twenty years. The origin of this kratom variety continues to be obscure and because of the insufficient investigation, many people actually thinks this kratom strain was genetically modified. In any case, individuals who think this strain was genetically altered aren’t totally wrong, as this kratom variety continues to be distinctively bred via a technique known as grafting. Botanically intrigued growers throughout Southeast Asia have been breeding some exceptional features into the stimulative Thai strains, the explanation for this is very simple: Marketing and potential sales. The market place prefers those having stronger trees and kratom crops which can deliver abundant quantities in a little time.


In Indonesia, a big segment of the male individuals works in intense manual labor and because of the venue, in swamp-like dampness and scorching high temperatures. These tough jobs and difficult circumstances have hugely contributed to the kratom popularity. This intense rivalry by cultivators fueled the desire to grow a super strong and stimulating kratom plant. At a certain plantation in Indonesia, a unique technique known as grafting started to be regular practice, mixing natural and man-made selection techniques in an effort to design the most potent Thai kratom. This plantation slowly and gradually became legendary for its kratom potency in contrast to other zones, and was formally named by them as Maeng Da. Unfortunately, due to the fact that kratom has become so sought-after in the world wide market, its strength compared to other varieties is nowhere close to what it used to be, causing it to be less popular than before. That being said, on many occasions it can still be highly regarded, particularly for individuals who do manual work, as it was initially created for.

So what gives Maeng Da its renowned potency? Cultivators claim that every single batch is hand-picked within all of the highest-quality kratom leaves for optimum strength.

Maeng Da effects

What makes Maeng Da so special? Just as all great kratom varieties, Maeng Da is rich in certain alkaloids, which are organically forming substances that connect with your system in order to provide a vast array of health benefits. Maeng Da actually shines in the magnitude, velocity and complexity of its effects. Maeng Da effects are pretty exceptional when compared to other kratom varieties and this is definitely the main reason Maeng Da continues to be very popular nowadays. With the majority of kratom varieties, you generally must pick from either pain-relieving or stimulating capabilities, however, as a result of this leaf specific alkaloid mixture and background, that choice is no longer mandatory.


A large number of Maeng Da users claim that it helps them to concentrate and focus much better while having the ability to process more data or information with considerably less effort. It maximizes their potential and make them be less tired when carrying out work, studying or engaging in other mentally strenuous activities. Maeng Da also possesses an indubitable effect on the mood, which makes the individual to experience something from an over-all sense of bliss or happiness to total euphoria.

Maeng Da consumers state that this variety place them into a great psychological mood, enhances the satisfaction of routine activity and can make you more enthusiastic. Some will take it for anti-depressant reasons or to supercharge their intellectual goals and purposes. You will also find people who take it to boost their disposition and energy when engaging in physically demanding activities or tedious work. Quite a few people find Maeng Da to be more potent than regular kratom although some other only notice minimal differences or no differences whatsoever. When ingested in low or medium doses, Maeng Da is really stimulative and can cause you to be much more alert, energized, and attentive. This is one of the more mental varieties of kratom with effects that are sometimes compared to Nootropics or mental enhancers.

You will probably have heard that Maeng Da kratom is an stimulating strain, however it can also create very soothing effects. Much like other kinds of kratom, if you take it in bigger doses the effects evolve and it becomes really relaxing and soothing. Maeng Da is probably one of the most potent pain killers in the kratom family and it’s popular among consumers who need a substitute for opiates. While Maeng Da is not considered the most optimal kratom for pain relief, it can be an excellent option for people who suffers from moderate pain who can’t withstand the soporific effects of conventional pain prescription medications or other pain-killing kratom strains.

Maeng Da dosage

As a result of the much higher alkaloid concentration in the Maeng Da variety, you will only need to take about 20% less amount when compared with other kratom varieties to experience its full effects. The suggested dose for kratom varieties like Malay or Red Thai is 5 grams, however you will only require about 4 grams of Maeng Da to notice great results.

Maeng Da threshold dose, which is the lower quantity required to feel its effects, can be just 2 grams depending on the individual! Remember that if you ingest more than 10 grams of Maeng Da you will probably feel its soothing effects which might cause you to be drowsy and lethargic, with reduced pains and aches. Maeng Da works longer in your metabolism with a time-span as high as 8 hours.

Summing up, Maeng Da dosages between 2 and 3 grams are powerful enough for the majority of users. This could seem to be really low when compared to the bigger dosages that other kratom varieties require, however most of the Maeng Da users tend to agree that the required amount of Maneg Da you normally need is lower than 3 grams.

Maeng Da side effects

Even though the potency of Maeng Da seems to be an advantage for certain users, in some instances it also increases the incidence of unwanted side effects. Some people feel that the energy they get when taking Maeng Da makes them hyper, over excited or nervous just like when you take too much caffeine.

People who need kratom as a treatment for anxiety, tension or to get rid of nervousness will definitely have better results by using a kratom red variety like red Kali or Premium Commercial Bali. One particular individual explained that the bliss and euphoria linked to Maeng Da can likewise build up into vertigo and absence of mental focus when using a large amount in a short time.

If you choose to try Maeng Da kratom, remember to start with just half the amount or a shorter dosage in order to get familiar with its effects and note down any negative effects you feel.

13 thoughts on “Maeng Da Kratom – The Strongest Variety

    1. Maeng Da is one of the best strains out there, although it is a little bit expensive in my opinion… I suggest people to try white vein borneo as well, it is cheaper and as good as this strain.

  1. I have just bought maeng da in powder format. I have never taken any opioids before so I need to know how much of this maeng da I need to take as a begginer. I have seen many different dose recommendations ranging from 2 g to 8 g. I don’t have a scale but can I mix a tsp with some juice and then drink it? Or do I have to make a tea with it?

  2. Yes, you can use the toss n’ wash method.. take a tsp of maeng da kratom a chase it with something like OJ. For better results you can make a strong concentrated tea… but it takes longer to make though. There are some good recipes online, look in youtube…

  3. Maeng da capsules are so expensive!!! Why don’t you buy the maeng da in powder format and make your own capsules at home???

    – It is cheaper
    – You control the maeng da dosage you take

  4. I have tried WHITE VEIN MAENG DA and it is as good if not better than the regular MAENG DA… there are some very good vendors out there that sell it, try it you won’t regret it!!!

  5. If you are looking for the best quality Maeng Da, try kratora, I have been buying from this vendor for a couple of years, they are pretty consistent and the freshness of their products is unmatched. Agreed that white vein borneo is a cheaper alternative to Maeng Da, depending on the batches, it can even be better. I always ask for samples with my orders, vendors are usually kind enough to send you some free ones.

  6. Has anybody tried the white version of Maeng Da? White vein Maeng Da is called, I have heard great things about this variety but I’m not sure if it will be overly jittery for me as I’m prone to anxiety and panic attacks.

  7. how do you use the maeng da powder for anxiety or depression? do I need to swallow the powder or should I mix it with water or something else? How much do you need to take? Can you OD with maeng da or any other type of kratom?

    1. You can toss n’ wash the powder (put it in your mouth and chase it with any type of liquid), make a tea, mix it with yogurt, apple sauce, make capsules at home… just google how to take kratom powder, there is lots of information out there… But don’t try to smoke it, it is a completely waste of time!!!! 🙂

  8. hey there, yesterday i bought maeng da kratom powder but i don’t know if it’s good or not… i took it 2 hours ago and still have no effects… should i take more? not sure if redosing is ok with kratom, i don’t want to end up all wired up…

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