Yellow Kratom Powder – The Unknown Strain

Yellow Kratom Powder – The Unknown Strain

Yellow strain kratom: Effects, potency and more

Most kratom connoisseurs are familiar with the three main types: white vein kratom, red vein kratom and green vein kratom. But there is a relatively new variety: yellow strain kratom, which can come in a number of sub-types, from yellow Indonesian kratom and yellow Malaysian kratom, to yellow vein Maeng da kratom. Effects are fairly unique to this unique kratom strain, which remains fairly difficult to procure in the Western world.

What is yellow strain kratom?

Since this type of kratom is relatively new, information is somewhat limited. But according to some Southeast Asian-based sources, some yellow vein kratom does not actually grow with a yellow vein and stem. Instead, the leaf is harvested, processed and dried using a very specific technique that involves fermentation. This is how yellow vein kratom is created. Notably, yellow vein kratom can be made from white vein, green vein or red vein kratom leaves, which means that this particular variety can deliver a vast array of different effects to the user.

In the case of yellow kratom that is created using a fermentation process, the effects are generally more potent and more pronounced than its non-fermented counterpart.

In other cases, yellow vein kratom can refer to the immature leaves of a variety of white vein kratom — usually Maeng Da, which is amongst the most intense, stimulant varieties. According to anecdotal evidence from individuals who’ve tried yellow vein Maeng Da kratom, effects are quite intense as a stimulant — even more intense than typical white vein.

Is yellow strain kratom and yellow kratom powder the same thing?

When discussing kratom strains and varieties, it’s important to differentiate between yellow strain kratom and yellow kratom powder. They are not the same thing!

Kratom leaf powder comes in many different colors and the color of the powder is often very different from the vein color. Colors can range from reddish and brown tones, to yellow-brown, yellow-green, bright green and deep green.

The important thing to understand is that a yellow kratom powder may not necessarily be yellow strain kratom. So it’s important to look for a variety that’s sold as “yellow Indonesian kratom” or “yellow Maeng Da kratom” for instance. Do not assume that a yellow kratom powder like UEI for example, is yellow vein kratom.

What are kratom strains and vein colors?

To fully understand yellow strain kratom, also called yellow vein kratom, it’s important to understand how this particular plant is usually classified.

A member of the coffee tree family, kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) comes in a wide array of different strains and varieties, each of which has its own unique effects. Kratom’s effects can range from sedative and relaxing, to energy-boosting and euphoric. Many varieties also offer pain relief, help with insomnia and mental clarity. The dosage and kratom strain has a major impact upon the effects you experience.

It’s believed that this large variation in effects is due, in large part, to the location where kratom originated: Southeast Asia, which is comprised of numerous islands, spread over a large geographic region. When an organism is located in an isolated ecosystem, it has the potential to evolve in a manner that’s unique and different from the same plant living in another location, which may have a very different microclimate and ecosystem. Southeast Asia has many different microclimates and each island is somewhat different in terms of its ecology, which led to the three kratom vein types and many additional kratom strains, which are usually named for the location where the strain originated or is chiefly traded.

Yellow strain kratom, speed and location of origin

Since yellow strain kratom can actually be made from red, white or green vein kratom, its effects will vary significantly largely depending upon which variety you’ve selected.

As a whole, yellow kratom tends to be more potent than other varieties due to the process that’s used to produce this specific type.

Most kratom comes from one of four locations (Bali/Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia) and each location is generally associated with certain qualities and effects. Effects are generally classified in one of three ways.

A “fast” kratom strain is one that’s very effective as a stimulant, providing euphoria, energy, mental clarity and a productive, social feeling. White vein kratom usually falls into the “fast” category.

A “slow” kratom strain is one that’s effective as a sedative, with effects such as relaxation and anxiety relief. These strains are also usually very effective in providing pain relief. Red vein kratom usually falls into the “slow” category.

A “moderate” kratom strain is just that — moderate and it falls somewhere between fast and slow. Generally, moderate kratom strains offer a balanced range of effects, which can go from euphoric and energetic at lower dosages to sedative and relaxing at higher doses. This type is usually more long lasting too. Green vein kratom usually falls into the “moderate” range.

With these three “speeds” in mind, we can look at how each region’s kratom usually varies:

Borneo/Bali kratom strains are usually slow.

Indonesian kratom strains are usually slow or moderate.

Malaysian kratom strains like green Malay are usually moderate.

Thai kratom strains are usually fast.

Yellow strain kratom usually falls into the “moderate” or “fast” category, but there is some variance according to which variety of yellow kratom you’re using. Yellow Maeng Da kratom effects may be intensely fast, while yellow Malaysian kratom may be much more moderate. Yellow Indonesian kratom may be a tad bit slower than the Malaysian variety.

Yellow vein kratom effects

Since yellow kratom remains quite rare, the effects remain quite variable. But an analysis of user reviews and anecdotal evidence found online revealed that the following is typical of each variety of yellow kratom:

Yellow Vein Maeng Da Kratom – Effects are described as intensely stimulant, with lots of euphoria, mental clarity and energy.

Borneo Yellow Vein Kratom – Effects are described as being on the slower end of moderate, landing somewhere between a sedative red vein and a more moderate, long-lasting green vein.

Yellow Indonesian Kratom – Also called Yellow Indo Kratom, this variety is known for its long-lasting effects, which offers a unique blend of focus, energy, relaxation and anxiety relief. True to its roots as an Indonesian variety, it’s a very moderate type of kratom.

Yellow Malaysian Kratom – It was rather difficult to find reliable information about the effects of this particular type of yellow kratom, but the few anecdotes we did encounter described this variety as fairly stimulating with a blend of Malay and Thai characteristics.

Yellow strain kratom remains a fairly rare commodity. So if you do encounter a retailer who offers yellow vein kratom for sale, you may want to consider buying a package as it’s an absolute must-try for any kratom lover.

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